LLM Gemini, Image Creator Imagine, Smart Whiteboard

Greetings readers! Welcome to another edition of our weekly AI newsletter, bringing you the latest doses of AI news to satisfy your tech cravings. This week, we have updates on some major rollouts in the AI sphere - a new & powerful LLM, a standalone Image Creator, and AI-features in whiteboards.

19th Edition

Google’s Mega-Bot Gemini Wants the Crown 👑

Google has finally unleashed its secret weapon - an epic new AI model called Gemini that flexes some seriously muscular capabilities. This sly bot has been benchmarking behind the scenes, and officials now say it outperforms GPT-4 and humans across nearly 60 tasks. It looks like the LLM arms race is heating up... 🔥

Introducing Gemini Ultra, Pro, and Nano - specialized versions for different use cases like enterprise, multi-functionality, and mobile. Gemini is also ready to augment Google’s existing arsenal with integrations into Bard, Search, and more to take their services to the next level.

But the real show-stopper? Something Google calls “Bespoke UI” that delivers info tailored to specific formats beyond the boring old chatbot box. Think cards, lists, graphics, and more. Could this spell the end of AI conversation fatigue? 

However, some peculiar PR has emerged around a questionable demo video with viewers scratching their heads.

Imagine This: Meta’s Artsy AI Unleashed 🎨

In more AI art news, Meta has liberated its image generator Imagine from the confines of its apps. Now, anyone can access Imagine’s neural creative juices at imagine.meta.com - no Facebook account is required.  

As with DALL-E and friends, the tool conjures images from text prompts using Meta’s robust Emu model. Imagine serving up four art pieces for each magical prompt you feed it. 

This launch solidifies Meta’s commitment to democratizing AI creativity for all. First previewed at Meta’s last conference, Imagine was initially only available through their chatbot Blender. But by giving it a dedicated home on the open web, Meta empowers more folks to manifest their wildest imaginings through AI.

Source: Meta

Excalidraw Nabs Some AI Smarts 🧠

Lately, digital whiteboard platforms have been leaping onto the AI train. Excalidraw, a fan fave for seamless remote collaboration, recently launched its offerings with brainy new enhancements. 

The goal? To amplify creativity and productivity as teams workshop ideas together in digital spaces. Excalidraw wants to ease the headaches of virtual collaboration across organizations and schools.

With remote work still on the rise, tools optimizing brainstorming power will continue grabbing attention. Which other whiteboards or productivity apps might get an AI overhaul next? 

Remember we talking about tldraw in the previous edition? I am using both apps. They are saving me tons of hours.

Whew, what an exhilarating issue! As always, let us know what you think about the latest injections of AI into our tech ecosystems. What possibilities excite you or give you pause? We look forward to exchanging thoughts as the AI spring flourishes with new surprises.