Product Management

The real magic happens when we raise our hands for unfamiliar projects; tackle new roles with wide-eyed wonder; lean into lessons from mistakes made. My purpose-driven journey is fueled by learning on the job.

Inside the Developer’s World: Why a Positive DevEx is the Path to a Company’s Success
Explore DevEx’s impact, challenges & AI’s role in shaping software dev’s future. Uncover its power as a competitive advantage, unlocking dev teams’ true potential for remarkable outcomes. Join us on this journey to software success.
Defining The Attributes Of A Perfect Product Team
What are the main factors that influence the effectiveness of a product team? I will point out a few and share my experience.
The Mastermind: Why Accountability Is The Crucial Element For Professional Growth
What is accountability, and why is it important? Let’s break it down.
Can An Executive MBA Get You A Product Management Job?
Do you believe that an Executive or Part-time MBA from a renowned institute will help you pivot into a product management role? Extract the answer from my IIMB PGPEM program experience.