Github for AI, Free GPT-4 Access, Copilot Use Case

Hey AI enthusiasts! Happy 2024!

As we bid farewell to the old, may the New Year unfold before you with boundless opportunities and moments of pure happiness. Cheers to a fantastic year ahead! Wishing you a New Year filled with love, laughter, and the sweet companionship of cherished friends and family.

This installment is 2024's 1st edition and the 22nd edition overall. Let's dive in! 🤖

22nd Edition

Hugging Face - Your AI Playground 🤗

Ever seen an emoji give you a big ol' hug? That's the friendly face of Hugging Face, the $4.5B platform making AI accessible to everyone.

Think GitHub for AI nerds - it's a bustling hub where you can train your models, collaborate with your team, and browse what others have created. This platform isn't just code playgrounds, though - Hugging Face lets you deploy your AI brainchild into real-world apps and services! ✨

Remember that leaked Google doc claiming Open Source AI would rule the future? That's the dream Hugging Face is chasing! They want EVERYONE to have the tools and knowledge to shape the intelligent future.

Here's what makes Hugging Face your one-stop AI shop:

  • Build it: Train your custom AI models from scratch
  • Host it: Give your brainchild a comfy home in the cloud
  • Play it: Browse thousands of pre-built models for inspiration or just plain fun
  • Work it: Team up with fellow AI enthusiasts on shared projects
  • Deploy it: Unleash your AI magic in real-world apps and services

And that's not all! You can also:

  • Dive into datasets: Find the perfect fuel for your AI engine
  • Test drive demos: See how other models strut their stuff
  • Be part of the community: Learn, share, and grow with AI enthusiasts from around the globe

So, whether you're a seasoned AI pro or just getting your feet wet, Hugging Face is your welcoming playground.

What is Hugging Face? | Zapier
Learn about Hugging Face, an open source data science and machine learning platform that acts as a hub for AI experts and enthusiasts.

Copilot Takes Flight: Microsoft's AI Chatbot Lands on iOS ✈️

Microsoft Copilot (formerly known as Bing Chat) is now available as a standalone app on iOS. It is hot on the heels of its Android debut.

Here's the lowdown on this AI chatterbox:

  • ChatGPT's got competition: Copilot offers a similar conversational experience to OpenAI's ChatGPT, letting you engage in thought-provoking discussions, explore creative text formats, and even get help with tasks. You can also create images through an integration with the text-to-image generator DALL-E3.
  • GPT-4 for all! Unlike ChatGPT's free version that runs on GPT-3.5, Copilot puts the power of GPT-4, the latest and greatest large language model, right in your pocket—no subscription required.
  • Standalone and ready to mingle: Microsoft is serious about Copilot's independence. They've created a separate web experience and now mobile apps, distancing it from Bing and establishing it as a chatbot force to be reckoned with.
Source: App Store

Unleash Your AI Shopaholic with Microsoft Copilot

Ever spend hours scrutinizing product pics and reviews before finally hitting "buy"? I feel you. But what if you could turbocharge your analysis with the power of AI?

Introducing Microsoft Copilot, your new best bud for smarter shopping! No more drowning in specs and reviews. Fire up Copilot and watch it transform you from overwhelmed to super-informed in seconds. Here's how:


That's your weekly dose of AI awesomeness. Stay curious, stay informed, and stay tuned for more adventures in the world of artificial intelligence! ✨