Death of Search, Chatbot War for Nothing, AI Stock Picks

Have you ever thought it was easy to predict the future and made some wild guesses about what's next? I know I have! But with the correct reasoning, we can make thoughtful predictions with a real shot at coming true. That's what AI tries to do, too - use data and logic to forecast what lies ahead.

Our predictions may not always be perfect. But as long as we have sound reasoning, a wrong guess here and there shouldn't stop us from envisioning possibilities.

So what do you say? Do you want to put our heads together and imagine the future before AI beats us to it?

25th Edition

The Rise of AI-Generated Content and the Death of Search 😲🤔

Search engines have been declining in quality for some time now. Sponsored ads and low-quality results dominate the first few pages of search results, making finding the information you need difficult. As a result, my Google search queries have decreased significantly. I've started using Perplexity, a dark horse in the next-gen search experience race.

So, what does the future hold for search engines? Will they become obsolete? It's possible. Here's why.

Content creation is becoming cheaper thanks to GenAI, which can create content in seconds. The internet is already flooded with articles created by GenAI, and this is just the beginning. But do you enjoy reading content created by AI? Humans may not have created 95% of the internet's content in five years. Finding quality and precise answers will be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

One could argue that Google will have the situation figured out. It can tag and filter AI-generated content. But as GenAI becomes smarter, differentiating between content created by AI and humans will become increasingly difficult.

We are at a technological phase where AI will redefine many product experiences. Search is one such experience. So, what will replace search as we know it today? Only time will tell.

The Race to Own AI Conversations 🏁

Remember the epic browser wars back in the 90s? Microsoft vs Netscape? Well, a new tech war is brewing - the battle of the AI chatbots.

Google, Microsoft, Meta, Apple, startups - it seems like everyone is scrambling to field the hottest new bot. Google wants you to cough up $20/month for a premium Gemini experience. Microsoft is charging $30/month to infuse AI into Office. Even Elon Musk is peddling his Grok bot for $16/month.

But do we really need multiple AI sidekicks? I'm skeptical. These companies are locked in a chatbot arms race, trying to one-up each other every time a new contender enters the ring. But will any of them deliver enough value to stick around when the dust settles?

Do you see what's happening? The world is funneling insane amounts of resources into what ultimately becomes a commodity.

What do you think - which of these AI chatbots has the best shot at survival? The easy answer is chatbots built by BigTechs.

Accenture, Zscaler, and Snowflake: Data Players Powering AI's Future 🔮

Goldman Sachs dropped their hot takes on the AI space - top picks across the AI value chain. Chips and cloud? Obvious choices. But get this: they're saying data is the hidden gem. Data? That part made me scratch my head at first. But their logic actually makes total sense.

They're bullish on consulting firms like Accenture that help companies whip their data into shape for AI. And data security and warehousing players like Zscaler and Snowflake? Smart moves! These picks drive home the idea that data is the fuel that powers AI innovation.

I definitely want to hop on the data bus now! What do you think - are they onto something highlighting data as a critical AI segment?

As technology evolves, we must reason to be a part of the evolution. I'll continue covering the key developments surrounding AI. Let me know what you think. Until next time!