YouTube Analysis, Websites from Doodles, Amazon's Free Courses

Greetings, tech trailblazers! πŸ‘‹ Welcome to another whirlwind edition of our weekly AI newsletter. Let's explore the latest happenings in AI innovation.

17th Edition

Let Bard Be Your Own Personal YouTube Analyst πŸ“Ί

Do you have a YouTube clip you want to analyze deeper or get feedback on? Ask Google's Bard! It can generate cliff notes, improve ideas, and more.

Precisely, you can:

  • Paste in any YouTube link and have Bard summarize critical points
  • Continue the conversation by asking follow-up questions
  • For tutorials, ask Bard to convert videos into step-by-step guides
  • Creators can request ideas to make videos more viral
  • Or have Bard analyze your content and suggest improvements
I tested a recipe prompt on a Daal Palak video with captions. The result is delicious.

With these capabilities, Bard can provide expert analysis on demand for any video. And it never hurts having an extra set of AI eyes reviewing your creations.

Magically Materialize Websites from Doodles in 30 Secs ✏️

Non-techies these days are stupid-productive with new tools like tldraw that turn doodles into websites in 30 seconds flat. We old techies better step it up! πŸ˜…

Meet tldraw. It is a whiteboard app like Miro with a twist.

The app lets you sketch out websites with a simple drawing interface (remember the MS Paint app!?). Then, with one click, it uses AI to generate complete HTML code for a live site.

The process is insanely fast and easy:

  1. Doodle any layout ideas
  2. Plug in your OpenAI API key
  3. Click "Make Real" and voila!
With magical platforms like this, no wonder digital natives will blow past us old-timers in productivity!

Amazon Pledges Free AI Skills Training for 2 Million πŸŽ“

Who says learning cutting-edge AI skills has to break the bank? Amazon's new AI Ready program will deliver free courses and scholarships to 2 million peeps globally by 2025. Now that's what we like to see! ⬆️

Specifically, Amazon is offering:

  • 8 free online AI courses tailored to in-demand jobs
  • $12 million in scholarships for 50K students
  • AWS research found employers highly value AI skills

If AI will impact every industry, upskilling is crucial. We applaud Amazon for equipping workers worldwide with AI literacy for the jobs of tomorrow.

That's a wrap, tech fans! Thanks for taggin' along on this wild AI ride. Until next week - stay curious! πŸ€“