Text to Image, Sharing Selfies, Side Hustle

Welcome, AI explorers, to our weekly artificial intelligence briefing! Let's dig into the latest innovations, impacts, and intriguing questions around AI. Engine start! πŸ€–πŸš€

8th Edition

Can AI generate images from simple descriptions? πŸŒ„

DALL-E, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and other generative AI tools have completely changed how we create and interact with visuals and imagery. However, they require carefully crafted prompts. Bit of a bummer! 😣

Worry not! OpenAI's new DALL-E 3 and ChatGPT integration has completely changed the game. Users can simply describe what they want to see in plain conversational language. ChatGPT will automatically generate detailed prompts tailored for DALL-E 3. This makes the image generation process incredibly intuitive and accessible for everyone. Just ask what you want to see, and AI will whip it up like magic! No arcane prompt engineering is required. πŸͺ„

Is sharing selfies risky in the AI age? 🀳

With deepfakes, AI can create scarily realistic fake imagery and audio. This eye-opening public service announcement from Deutsche Telekom went viral recently. It highlights the need for caution around oversharing personal images on social media, given how convincingly they can be misused through deepfake technology powered by AI. Reconsider oversharing, especially children's pictures, in the era of AI disinformation. πŸ‘€

Can AI help your side hustle? πŸ’°

Morgan Stanley says multi-earning/side hustles are booming, with AI enabling new opportunities.

Generative AI programs like ChatGPT could transform the side-hustle economy into a $1.4 trillion industry.

But don't ditch your day job just yet - AI isn't magic! And because this data is in a report whose accuracy can always be questioned.

That concludes this week's AI briefing! Thanks for joining our whirlwind tour of AI advances. Keep arms and legs inside the ride. More rollercoaster thrills next week! 🎒