Copilot Songs, Robot Chefs, Wrap for 2023

Hey AI enthusiasts, Happy holidays! As the year winds down, let's grab a bite from the future (literally!).

21st Edition

AI Gets Groovy: Microsoft Copilot Now Makes Music 🎵

Ever dreamed of dropping a slick rap album but can't tell a rhyme from a lime? Microsoft Copilot has your back (and beat)! They've teamed up with Suno, a music AI, to turn your text prompts into full-blown tunes. Just imagine: type "Groovy rap jazz song about AI advancing society," and boom, you've got a new track ready to blow up the charts (or at least your family gathering).

But hold your robot microphones - there's a catch. Suno claims its models don't play favorites with artists (no AI Kanye West yet) and block certain prompts. Still, users report wiggling around to AI-generated beats that eerily match specific genres. The "Artist vs. AI" battle is getting intense.

Turn your ideas into songs with Suno on Microsoft Copilot
We are excited to share that that we have partnered with Suno, a leader in artificial intelligence-based music creation to bring their capabilities to Microsoft Copilot. Through this partnership, people will have at their fingertips the ability, regardless of musical background, to create fun, clever, and personalized songs with a simple prompt.

Robots Rule the Kitchen: CaliExpress Opens - the World's First AI Restaurant 🤖🧑‍🍳

Move over, Gordon Ramsay; there's a new chef in town - and it's made of steel. CaliExpress in Pasadena, California, has become the world's first fully autonomous, AI-powered restaurant. Forget human cooks - robotic arms flip burgers and fries while AI brains manage the show. Don't worry about awkward silence; friendly human staff are still there to pack your eats and answer your existential questions about robot overlords.

This futuristic feast is a joint effort between Miso Robotics, masters of robot chefs, and PopID, wizards of automated ordering. CaliExpress is just the beginning - imagine a world where robots whip up gourmet meals while you lounge on a beach controlled by your thoughts! (Okay, maybe not that last part… yet.)

CaliExpress in pasadena

Happy Holidays 🎅

Dear readers, we've reached the year's end,
Sharing AI news week to week without bend.
Your support kept me writing all year,
As developments and debates did appear.
The holidays are now finally here!
Time for cheer, rest, and goodwill,
Thank you for reading - see you in 2024, I will!
Wishing you warmth, health, and happiness too,
Happy holidays to you and your whole crew!

See you in 2024.