Open Source LLM, First AI Regulation, Upgraded Note-Taking

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This week, we have some exciting updates in generative AI. A lot is happening in this space, from new open-source models giving GPT-3 a run for its money to Europe's first comprehensive AI regulations. Read on for the details.

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Mistral AI: Open-Sourcing the Future of LLMs

Forget opaque models locked away in corporate vaults. Meet Mistral AI, the French startup bringing open-source LLMs to the masses. They're building powerful, versatile, and ethical LLMs and then handing the keys to the world. Their first model, Mistral 7B, packs a punch with 7 billion parameters, generating high-quality text for anything from poems to code. And it doesn't stop there. Mistral 7B Instruct takes things to the next level, understanding and following your natural language commands. Imagine chatbots that actually get you, games that respond to your every whim, or educational tools that adapt to your learning style. The possibilities are endless.

But here's the real mind-blower: Mistral AI isn't playing by the old rules. They tweeted out the entire model, literally throwing open the doors to AI development. No more black boxes, no more exclusive clubs! This model is AI for everyone, on your laptop, with endless possibilities for customization and improvement.

And guess what? It's working. Mistral's model rivals ChatGPT-3.5 and beats LLaMA 2, all with just 22 passionate people. They're proving that size isn't everything when you have innovation and openness on your side.

Mistral AI, a Paris-based OpenAI rival, closed its $415 million funding round | TechCrunch
Mistral AI has officially closed its much anticipated Series A funding round. The French company has raised €385 million ($415 million).

Transparency Takes Center Stage: The EU Regulates AI

Meanwhile, across the pond, the EU is making history with the world's first comprehensive AI rules. Think of it as a giant "do's and don'ts" list for AI companies, ensuring they don't misuse this powerful technology. No more creepy social scoring or Black Mirror scenarios. But the most exciting part? Transparency takes center stage. Big foundational models like GPT-4 must reveal their inner workings, spilling the beans on their training data and technical documentation. No more closed-door secrets!

But here's the twist: these rules primarily target the closed-source giants. Open-source models like Mistral and Aleph Alpha get a big thumbs up; they are free to innovate without getting bogged down in red tape. It's a clear message: the future of AI is open, collaborative, and driven by the power of the people.

Introducing NotebookLM: Your AI Research Assistant

And to top it all off, Google drops NotebookLM, your personal AI research assistant. Imagine having a trusted collaborator, living in your notes and documents, ready to answer your questions, summarize key points, and even brainstorm ideas. It's like having a supercharged study buddy and creative partner rolled into one.

Note that (a) NotebookLM is available in the US only for now, and (b) the app might not function correctly for non-English source files.

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Well, that wraps up this week's AI news roundup! As you can see, exciting innovations are happening, along with increased oversight to ensure these powerful technologies are used responsibly. Stay tuned for next week's edition for more on the rapid evolution of AI. Until then, happy learning!