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Life online just got a lot less human. The latest AI trends, from virtual friendships to effortless resume-writing tools and password crackers, signal an artificial future.

2nd Edition

In the Age of AI, Are Our Online Connections Even Human?

You may have already engaged with one and not even realized it 😲. Lil Miquela, the virtual model and influencer with over 3 million Instagram followers, is projected to make over $10 million πŸ’΅ this year through brand sponsorships. Blawko, Imma, and Shudu are also popular virtual influencers gaining followers and modeling major brands.

Can an AI Create My Resume?

With ChatGPT and Overleaf, you can get a complete first draft resume within 2️⃣ minutes. Simply describe your background, skills, and experience. ChatGPT will generate customized LaTeX code tailored to the target job. Copy the code and paste it on Overleaf. Polish and tweak the AI's work.

Image Credit: ChatGPT
Image Credit: Overleaf

Can an AI optimize my resume, too? Oh yes! You missed the last newsletter.

Is Your Password Vulnerable to AI?

On the cybersecurity front, AI is cracking passwords πŸ”‘ faster than ever. Home Security Heroes used an AI password cracker to run through over 15 million common passwords. Shockingly, it could crack 51% of the passwords in under 1️⃣ minute.

Image Credit: Home Security Heroes

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