ChatGPT's Birth Anniversary, Online LLMs, Enterprise Conversational AI

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18h Edition

ChatGPT Turns One - What Might Year Two Have in Store? πŸŽ‚

ChatGPT turned 1! It took generative AI mainstream in just a year and ignited an AI chatbot arms race. Who can forget Google scrambling to launch Bard? And Amazon Q for biz uses? Myriad startups, too! And mega labs like DeepMind ready next-gen offerings.

Wow, there has been so much innovation in the year since the launch! At the heart sits ChatGPT - the viral sensation that started it all. Its stunning natural language capabilities revealed a portal to our promising AI future.

Last week, the mobile app published noteworthy numbers:

  • 110+ million mobile downloads
  • $30+ million in consumer revenue
  • And yes - even folks generating real income via ChatGPT use cases

As OpenAI trains even more advanced models, what surprises might ChatGPT's second year bring? Could we see sly humor, personalization, or stunning creativity? Here's to many more magical AI milestones ahead! πŸ₯‚

Perplexity's Online AI Models Could Transform Internet Search πŸ”

Perplexity AI recently unveiled two new large language models (LLMs) designed to provide up-to-date responses by tapping into live internet data streams. Unlike offline AI systems limited to fixed datasets, these online LLMs can return real-time answers to recent queries by leveraging the latest online sources. They've also been made publicly available via an API.

This differentiation and potential for delivering dynamic, timely responses could evolve how we search and find information online. Rather than stale, outdated results, AI could finally help us pinpoint contextually relevant content and insights.

If tools like this take off, we may look back at today's search as totally primitive. Online AI marks a new data-driven era of discovery.

Have you tried I love the app. IMO, Perplexity can rival Google, if it keeps forging ahead.
Introducing PPLX Online LLMs
The first-of-its-kind Online LLM API

Amazon Launches Enterprise Conversational AI Service πŸ€–

Have you become an expert in prompting yet? No? If not, you should upskill, as GenAI Chatbots are coming to enterprises.

Here comes Amazon Q - AI chatbots tailored for business use cases. This new assistant leverages extensive real-world AWS data to dynamically answer questions about companies, products, or services.

Amazon Q aims to enhance customer service, sales, HR, and more through natural language conversations. And its extensive knowledge of Amazon's vast infrastructure and data makes it a formidable contender.

But is Amazon Q just catching up to Microsoft's Copilot? Or could deeper vertical insights give it a competitive edge? Either way, more enterprise AI options signal soaring mainstream adoption.

And that wraps up this week's expanded AI updates! Until next time dear readers - stay curious! 🧐