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13th Edition

Greetings, fellow AI explorers! πŸ‘‹ Welcome to another jam-packed edition covering the latest and greatest in artificial intelligence. Let's dive right into the innovations, impacts, and insights from the ever-evolving world of AI...

Can AI be an academic asset instead of a liability? πŸ€–πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“

AI models like ChatGPT have raised concerns about improper use for cheating and plagiarism. But Khan Academy's new Khanmigo chatbot provides an intriguing counterpoint - an AI study buddy designed to guide students in creating original work and deepening their learning.

By offering personalized tutoring and writing support across subjects, Khanmigo aims to demonstrate AI's potential as a thoughtful study aid that enhances education. Its debate and storywriting features further promote engaging with concepts versus just regurgitating answers.

This launch will be a critical test case for using AI responsibly in academics. If effective, it could chart a path for AI and humans working together to advance scholarship genuinely rather than promote shortcuts. We'll be watching this educational experiment closely.

Meet Khan Academy’s chatbot tutor | CNN Business
Artificial intelligence often induces fear, awe or some panicked combination of both for its impressive ability to generate unique human-like text in seconds. But its implications for cheating in the classroom β€” and its sometimes comically wrong answers to basic questions β€” have left some in academi…

Which presentation tool seamlessly integrates AI magic? πŸ–₯οΈπŸ’«

When creating decks, I love using SlidesAI for its tight integration directly within Google Slides. Rather than switching between apps, I can write on my slides and let SlidesAI generate professional, visually engaging content in seconds using its AI capabilities. Or I can ask the tool to create one from scratch.

I recently used it to quickly produce this presentation about the value of reading AI newsletters. For quick and crisp slides that still look sharp, this tool is an instant boost to productivity.

How are AI leaders working to prevent dangerous misuse? 🚨

Some worry that AGI could be misused for catastrophic outcomes, like cyberattacks. Taking this seriously, OpenAI formed a team to assess risks from future AI systems proactively, aiming to build safety measures into development.

While views differ on AI's dangers, mitigating harm without limiting benefits remains crucial, complex work. Thoughtfully probing how dangerous uses could emerge and creating safeguards will be critical as AI grows more powerful.

Opinions vary on AI's level of risk. But OpenAI's Preparedness Team represents an essential effort by industry leaders to take safety seriously, confronting tough questions. Their findings could inform vital policies on AI ethics and governance.

Frontier risk and preparedness
To support the safety of highly-capable AI systems, we are developing our approach to catastrophic risk preparedness, including building a Preparedness team and launching a challenge.

And that wraps up another week of AI updates! Join me next week as we continue exploring innovations, implications, and more. Keep arms and legs inside the ride. Let's boldly go where this technology takes us.